Daniela Viçoso

EN [DOUJINSHI] FLEUR - Les miserábles RxE

16 EUR
A LES MISERÁBLES R-18 Grantaire x Enjolras fanbook.
36 pages, A4 size, underwood paper, sepia inside and colored cover and interior covers.
A fanbook/doujinshi based on the characters Enjolras and Grantaire from the classical book “Les misérables” by Victor Hugo. It focuses on their homoerotic relationship. On a stormy night, Enjolras gets "bewitched" by a strange flower that shows his heart's true desires...

If you wish to buy the pdf digital version only please contact me at danielamvferreira [@] gmail.com.
The pdf is 10 euro. 
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~!!!This book contains 18+ material, by buying this you are agreeing you are over 18 or eligible to buy this material in your region. !!!